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Mancala Mancala – a game of judgment and patience. Mancala is a great game for developing strategy. Some historians believe it to be the oldest game in the world. Mancala’s use of counting and estimating make it an ideal family game. For ages 5 and up. This game is made of Padauk and Red Oak finished with linseed oil, with glass playing pieces. The game folds on solid brass hinges for easy clean up or taking on the go. The board is 22” long when open, 5 1/2” wide, 1 1/2 ”thick when closed. Entirely non-toxic including the glue and finishes.

hammer bench
Hammer Bench:
Reclaimed bullet wood, sanded smooth, finished with linseed oil.
Bench is 11″L x 5″W x 5″H
8 Pegs are 3″L
Hammer is 9.5″L

A classic favorite for hours of backyard fun! I’ve made several trial pairs of stilts and narrowed it down to this height and size. This design is perfect for the 5 year-old beginner to the 10 year-old pro. Stilts teach balance, coordination and fun. Made with Oregon-milled Douglas Fir and are finished with non-toxic linseed oil. All corners are rounded and wood is sanded extra smooth. The height of the foot block is 13” from the ground and it is 3.5″ wide. Bigger stilts for teens and grownups. Custom orders always welcome.