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Little Chef’s Dream Kitchen – High quality craftsmanship down to every detail. These are heirloom quality pine kitchens that will last forever. Burners are made of hardwood. Sink is a stainless steel blue camp bowl. The faucet is made from clear fir. Kitchen and fridge are backed with pine. They are made with non-toxic glue. I counter-sink every screw and plug all screw holes with pine buttons. All corners are rounded over and sanded. Finished with non-toxic linseed oil. No paint, No MDF, No plywood, No plastic. We use Greyhound Package Express for fast and safe delivery of large items. We insure all items for their full value, guaranteed. A phone number is requested as you place an order so Greyhound can call when your order is ready for pick-up.

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Smaller Kitchen
Smaller Kitchen –
Same surface and counter height as our standard play kitchen, but without the high back with shelves. Made from solid pine with paduak burners. The faucet shown is made from beautiful black walnut; also available in poplar. All kitchens are available with the option of a blue enamel or stainless sink. All of my items are entirely non-toxic, including the glue and finish. I counter sink every screw and plug all screw holes with pine buttons or oak plugs. All corners are rounded over and sanded. All knobs and faucet turn & move for realistic play and are attached with bolts and lock nuts so they will not come loose.

small stovetop Carry-along stove-top is just the right size for kids to move from room to room, take it outside, or to a friend’s house. Made of Oregon milled pine. Burners made of hard wood. All corners are rounded. All wood sanded smooth. Finished with linseed oil. Knobs move so they can pretend to turn it on and off.

15”L x 7 .5”W x 12”H | Stove top is 4”H | Burners are 4.5” x 4.5”