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Doll House A beautiful and simple dollhouse. Open, light and easy to move around the house. The house has two stories and nice, big windows. Made from solid pine with oak plugs and a linseed oil finish. It sits on an 11.25″ by 15″ base and is 8.5″ deep by 14” high, 11″ long. Custom orders for other sizes welcome.

$80 (+$20 shipping)

Blocks with tote
Wooden Tote with 12 blocks.
Wooden Tote can be used to carry many things. Made with reclaimed pine and a 1″oak handle that is locked in by 3/8 oak dowels. The blocks come in an assortment of reclaimed fir, elm, oak, ash, walnut, padauk, plum and cherry for a beautifully natural variation in color. Tote comes with 10 blocks at 1.5″-2″ and 2 blocks at 3.5″-4″. Tote dimensions are 8.5″L x 7.5″H – the sides are 3.5″H. All wood is finished with linseed oil, totes are biscuit jointed together and glued with nontoxic glue, no screws. Wood may vary in color and type, custom orders welcome. Blocks are also sold separately in sets of 12 for $15.

Blocks with Tote: $35 (+$8 shipping)
Set of 12 blocks: $25 (+$5 shipping)

Block Stacker
The Block Stacker
is a fun way to build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made from reclaimed maple, black walnut, cherry, poplar and ipa woods for beautifully natural variations in color. The center post is a rounded one-inch oak dowel. Designed to last throughout a child’s changing developmental stages as infant, toddler and big kid. It stands 6″ tall with a 6″ base, all pieces are rounded & sanded smooth, finished with an all natural blend of beeswax and mineral oil.

$25 (+$10 shipping)

Block Barge
Block Barge!
Take apart the layers, then put them together again. Stack the rings and blocks, or load the blocks up before the barge embarks. Great for baby’s first toy, it will grow with them as they learn to stack and rebuild it. Pieces are all beautifully smooth and oiled with non-toxic linseed oil to bring out their natural colors. Made with gorgeous reclaimed hardwoods, sustainably-harvested poplar, 3/4″ oak, and CVG Douglas fir.

$30 (+$5 shipping)