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Tongue Drums will inspire your family to explore musical rhythms. These are real instruments that people have been making and playing tongue drums for thousands of years. Each key resonates a different rich tone and can be played loud or soft. A tongue drum will inspire your child to explore making music, developing hand eye coordination and an appreciation for rhythm. Equally popular with babies, children and adults, no instruction required!

Made with a 3/4” hardwood tops (pictured are bulletwood or jatopa) with poplar sides and bottoms. Drums can be made with black walnut and purple heart as well. All corners are rounded. All wood is sanded smooth. Screws are counter-sunk and oak plugged. I use non-toxic glue and a non-toxic, hypoallergenic shellac for the finish. All drums come with one pair of mallets made from 3/8″ Oak dowels and rubber balls. These drums sound excellent and can be tuned on request for additional cost.

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